Make Your Own Soap Mold

When I first started making hand made soap, I used what new soapers typically use as a mold – a shoe box lined with wax paper. This mold works very well, and for anyone making their first batch or two of soap, I highly recommend using a shoe box or any other similar box.

But after a few batches of soap, I wanted a soap mold that would hold up and provide more uniformly shaped bars. I ordered one on-line and it worked very well. I still have it and still use it. But it was rather expensive, only made about 1.5 pounds of soap at a time, and the bars were rather small for my tastes.

I have a couple of hand made soap boxes now that I just love. Bernie made one for me that makes 6 pounds of soap, and I use it most of the time. I also have one that makes up to 3 pounds of soap, and I use that one quite often as well.

I am going to show you the smaller soap box and explain how it is made.

Soap Mold

As I said, this soap box will make up to 3 pounds of soap. I recommend making a lid for it as shown above, but that is not absolutely necessary.

Soap Mold

What you will need:
Plywood (or similar) cut as follows:
1 piece 17 1/2 inches by 6 1/2 inches (this is the bottom of the mold)
2 pieces 17 1/2 inches by 4 1/2 inches (these are your sides)
2 pieces 4/12 inches by 3 3/4 inches (these are your ends)
2 6 inch bolts
4 washers (that fit bolts)
2 wing nuts (that fit bolts)
4 small hinges
1 roll of heavy duty non-stick oven liner (optional – but highly recommended)

Soap Mold

Once your plywood is cut, but sure to sand any rough edges.

Now it’s time to assemble it.

You will want to drill holes through the two side pieces – be sure to make these just slightly larger than your bolt size. Drill the holes 1 1/2 inch from the end of your plywood on each end. Your bolts are going to slide through these holes, so be sure they are in the same place on each side piece of wood.

Soap Mold

Now, you want to install your hinge to attach the two side pieces to the bottom of the mold. The outside edge of each side piece should be 1 inch from the outer edge of the bottom. Install each hinge about 4 1/2 inches from each end of the bottom piece. Be sure to install them so that the sides can flap OPEN.

When you are finished, you should be able to run your bolts through both side pieces, with washers on each end, and a wing nut on one end like this:

Soap Mold

Now insert the small end pieces on the INSIDE of each bolt. Be sure they are snugly against the bottom of the soap mold and tighten the wing nuts as snugly as you can.

If you are using oven liner, cut two pieces to cover both end pieces, being sure to leave enough to wrap around the sides so that you can staple them in place. Cut a piece that will fit the inside of your soap mold and crease it to fit snugly inside the mold.

Soap Mold

If you are not using oven liner, be sure to line your soap mold with wax paper before each use.

Now you are ready to fill it with your favorite soap recipe!

To remove the finished soap, simply remove the wing nuts, remove the bolts, lay the side pieces down flat, pull away the oven liner (or wax paper) and end pieces, and viola! You have a log of soap to cut into bars of your desired size!

21 Responses to “Make Your Own Soap Mold”

  1. Bill says:

    That’s awesome, thanks for posting! I’ll be making one (or more) soon, slightly modified to yield the size I want. Thanks again.

  2. Kim says:

    Thanks for posting this. We have made a mold using this site and will be making our first batch of soap this weekend!! We have only spent maybe $15 total on this project meanwhile my friend paid $60+ shipping for hers

  3. Connor says:

    What thickness of plywood was used?

  4. basicliving says:

    We used 1/2 inch.

  5. basicliving says:

    How wonderful, Kim! I’m so happy you found this helpful. I’d love to know how your soap turned out!

  6. Tracy says:

    I’ve just started making soap, and this is a great idea. I have all the wood supplies but I’m not sure what this oven liner is? Is it that flexible silicone sheet you’d line your cookie sheets with? Thanks

  7. basicliving says:

    Hi Tracy – the oven liner is not the same as the silicone sheet you back on. If you google oven liner, I think you’ll see what it is. I believe I’ve purchased it on before.

  8. slywlf says:

    Wonderful – and so clear and simple ♥ Since I have hopes of setting myself up to make goat milk soap in the next year or so this will certainly come in handy – thanks 😉

  9. Excellent and easy to follow instructions and photo’s. I would like to devise a divider for the inside. Let me know if you have ideas of materials for this. Thanks so much,

  10. Daphne says:

    Thank you very much for this wonderful information.
    I was able to make a soap mold in my school shop free of charge, as my lad instructor generously provided all the materials I needed.
    I’m excited about my first bar of soap!

  11. Thanks, this is exactly what we were looking for. How thick is the plywood?

  12. basicliving says:

    Hi Theresa – The plywood is 1/4 inch.

  13. Robin says:

    Great tutorial.
    What is the size for 4 pounds.
    Please advise,

  14. melissa says:

    Im so glad i found this before i pay way to much for one online! thanks for the clear instruction and great photo’s. Could you give me the measurements for the larger one?
    Thank, Mel

  15. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for this simple design. We will be taking it to Indonesia on a mission trip, it is ideal to flat pack.

  16. Beth says:

    Thank you for the directions. I’ve asked my son-in-law to make one for me! I just made my second batch of soap (goat milk ) and used a shoe box lined with wax paper. When I removed my soap after 24 hours, I noticed that the shoebox is now discolored. Does this mean that my soap didn’t completely saponify or that something went wrong?

  17. basicliving says:

    Hi Beth – the discoloration is probably oils from the soap. Soap will do that for a few days until it completely cures. Enjoy your homemade soap!

  18. […] it so. much. easier.). stir in herbs and essential oils. when thoroughly mixed, pour into soap mold (lined with plastic for easier removal) and wrap in blankets to retain heat (nap time for soapy). […]

  19. Dalia says:

    I love this, I’ve made 4 molds already. Having the bottom attached and stable avoids a lot of problems. Very smart, easy and frugal!!

  20. Joyce Nelson says:

    thanks for sharing! I am a beginning soap are and this sounds perfect. It’s on my husband’s project list 🙂

  21. maggie says:

    i’ve been looking to upgrade my soap mold system – i’ve just been using cardboard boxes that i have laying around the house. making my own seems like the best way, so thanks for such a simple system with clear instructions. i have a question about the oven liner – do you reuse that every time or do you need to put down new liners for each batch of soap? thanks for clarifying.

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