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In the hustle and bustle of everyday living, we tend to opt for the quickest solution for our day to day needs, relying on store bought goods to get us through. Don't get me wrong - buying what we need is sometimes essential and most often very convenient. It can be a good thing. But there is nothing quite as rewarding as reaping the benefits of your labor. And there is nothing like the feeling of being self sufficient.

Not so very long ago we lived day to day by reaping the benefits of our labor. We grew and killed the food that we ate. We made the lumber to build our homes. We sewed the clothing that protected us from weather.

The current state of affairs in our country should be a red flag for all that these skills may be required to survive the upcoming years. Our monetary system, reliance on other countries for energy, and so many other aspects of our lives are shaky at best. What will happen to us if these things become truly unstable or completely collapse?

As we thought about these things and as life circumstances began to change for us, we decided it is time to become as self-sufficient as possible. It's time to get back to the basics of living.

This site is dedicated to getting back to basic living and documenting our journey as we get there. We hope you can learn from our experience as we begin to build our new life on our homestead and learn the skills necessary to become more self sufficient and more self reliant. Please join us in getting back to basic living.

Read about why we decided to get back to the basics of living, and our journey to get there.The links to the left are updated periodically with our latest projects.


We'd love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, or any feedback you may have. Drop us a line or leave us a comment on our blog.


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