New Kids on the Block

We decided to adopt two adorable 8 week old Nigeria Dwarf does, and today we brought them home!

 photo babies.jpg

They were pretty nervous about the whole thing – being the new kids and all.

 photo babies2.jpg

I told Mirrie earlier to expect some company, and she seemed a little skeptical about this idea…..

 photo mirrie1.jpg

She questioned my seriousness on the subject……

 photo mirrie2.jpg

And asked if I was sure this is a good idea…..

 photo mirrie4.jpg

I told her it would be just fine. I’m not sure she believed me……

 photo mirrie3.jpg

The chickens actually seemed pretty excited about the prospect of new babies.

 photo chickens.jpg

Or maybe it was the scratch they were excited about….

We named the new kids Anna Mae and Gloria. They are just adorable and so sweet. They have beautiful blue eyes.

And they are very black. If you have black animals, you probably know that taking pictures of them can be very difficult. If the lighting is not just right, the details of their features are completely lost. I took several pictures of Anna Mae and Gloria in the barn, but it was dark and none of them turned out at all. And a flash made their beautiful eyes glow…..

I will post better pictures once they settle in and I can let them out in the paddock. Right now they are spending some time in a stall in the barn.

But right now, I have goat babies to play with!

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  1. Mary Ann says:

    Nothing more wonderful than goat babies! Have fun!

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