I Think it’s Finally Spring!

Even though Spring officially begins in March, don’t you think it’s difficult to consider that it’s really Spring until flowers are blooming……and snow isn’t falling…….and Jack Frost stops showing his face?

Right? Me too!

So this past weekend, we finally decided it’s Spring here in our little corner of the world.

Deck furniture is out, and so are the greenhouse plants.

 photo IMG_0866.jpg

Bernie surprised me with his beautiful paint job on these rockers and an old table from my Grandma’s front porch.

 photo deckplants4.jpg

He also surprised me by building plywood seats for these old iron chairs.

What color do you think we should paint these seats? Or should we stain them?

 photo deckplants1.jpg

Mama gave me this railroad seat a while ago and Kathy, the best mother-in-law ever, bought me the beautiful swing. They were both treated last year, but we’re thinking they may both get painted this year.

 photo deckplants2.jpg

The old wheel barrel is filled with Marigolds. And see that pot to the right of it in this pic? That’s one of the two azalea’s that I brought home from Daddy’s funeral in 2011. I planted them and they limped along. So we dug them up and put in pots and kept them in the greenhouse last winter, and they bloomed in there earlier this year! I’m hoping they’ll be happy with a more pampered life.

 photo deckplants3.jpg

The flower garden around the deck is coming back nicely.

 photo deckplants5.jpg

This next picture is for my friend, Susan – the Columbines are finally blooming here!

 photo deckplants6.jpg

We planted our veggie garden three days ago. And we’re doing pretty much the entire thing with old field wire. And spacing for grass to grow between each row. Not only will that help us keep the mud down, it will help with the erosion issues from planting on a hill.

 photo garden1.jpg

Every two panels, we put an opening. The rows are about 70 feet each and the opening allow easier access between rows so we can shortcut between them 🙂

 photo garden2.jpg

You might be thinking “lazy” as an adjective….. I prefer “clever”…….

The honeybees got their very own herb garden – it’s starting from seed, so there’s not much going on in it yet.

 photo IMG_0860.jpg

And, how could you REALLY think it’s spring without a spring chick or two or three?

 photo springchicks1.jpg

I know. Me neither!

All the signs are here.

I think it’s finally Spring!

14 Responses to “I Think it’s Finally Spring!”

  1. marmitetoasty (Melody) says:

    love love love this, all of it, you live in a beautiful place, so much space……. and NO NEIGHBOURS withing arms reach = heaven 🙂 x

  2. Kate says:

    Glad to see you back!

  3. Debby says:

    Hi, Penny

    I am Mary’s niece from So. IL. Love your deck and all the furnishings. Wish we could have met while we were there several weeks ago. I used your shower gel ( plum, I believe) and it was wonderful!

  4. Amanda says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  5. Irene says:

    YAY!! Welcome back! Have really missed your blogs! Your garden looks amazing and chicks are just too cute 😀

  6. basicliving says:

    (((Mel))) Thanks so much for the sweet words. We do love it here. One day I hope you’ll see it first hand! XXXOOO

  7. basicliving says:

    Thank you, Kate! I should have taken pics of the onion bed for you! They are doing great. Thanks again for sending them.

  8. basicliving says:

    Debby! So nice to “meet” you. You ladies kept the road hot while you were here 🙂 Maybe next time we’ll have the opportunity to visit. Mary Ann talks about you all the time and was so very excited for y’all to visit. She’s and Si are two of our very favorite people 🙂

  9. basicliving says:

    Thank you, Amanda!

  10. basicliving says:

    Thank you very much, Irene. Hope spring gets to you soon!

  11. Cheryl says:

    I have SO missed your blogs!! Everything looks so beautiful! What all do you have planted in the garden? So do you plant in rows that are covered and put the fencing down the middle of the rows for the plants to grow up on? Our garden is WOEFULLY behind this year…we’ll see if we get anything from it. We’ve been so focused on chicken housing (aka – the mansion) that we just didn’t have the time to give the garden proper attention. It’s already on the calendar of projects to start preparing it next winter for the following spring… fingers crossed. 😀 Fingers also crossed for our bees. So far this year, our herd is still around building their little combs. YAY!

  12. basicliving says:

    Awww, thank you Cheryl! We planted 27 tomatoes, about as many peppers (bell, sweet, hot) ocra, beans, corn, cucumbers, sunflowers, melons, zucchini, summer squash, pumpkins, and a few other things I can’t think of right now. I was so late with my spring garden, everything will probably bolt before I get much out of it. And yes, Bernie tilled strips, layed weed fabric in the strips, drove fence post into the middle of the fabric, and then attached the fencing. I plant on both sides – staggering the plants – and then we just secure the plants to the fencing as they grow. We’ve used that method for a couple of years and it works perfectly for us. This is the first year we’re tilling in strips and letting grass grow between them. Your chicken coop is looking really good! And I hope your bees thrive and give you lots of wonderful honey!

  13. Oz Girl says:

    Penny, I just LOVE your deck…. everything looks so nice and it definitely invites one to sit and relax with some iced tea! Bernie did a beautiful job on the rockers and the table – what a guy. 🙂 We are woefully behind on our garden this year…. we have some tomatoes and peppers to get in this weekend, and I planted some lettuce, spinach and radish a few weeks ago. I fear that may be all we accomplish this year. I guess there’s always my fall garden to look forward to – I think I enjoy that more anyway. Your columbines are beautiful — I miss those beautiful little flowers from my Ohio house.

  14. basicliving says:

    Hi there Oz Girl! The weather has been so odd for everyone this year that I think most of us feel way behind on the veggie garden. We are suppose to warm up this week and I’m hoping the garden gets a boost from it. We are really enjoying the deck this year. Hopefully we’ll get everything stained or painted before winter – it’s way over due! Thanks for your sweet words. I hope you have a wonderful summer!

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