Chicken Fried Week

Thanks to all who weighed in on helping name this little girl:


Jocelyn from Physical Possum suggested Earlene of Dork, and that’s what I’ve decided to name her. Earlene isn’t a bad name, but it was Jocelyn’s comment that won me over:

I tried reading this, and then my head exploded.

But if I’m only slightly reading this right:
“For example, the Duke of Norfolk is also the Earl of Arundel and the Lord Maltravers. His eldest son is therefore styled Earl of Arundel. Lord Arundel’s eldest son (should he sire one during his father’s lifetime) will be styled Lord Maltravers. However, only the Duke of Norfolk is actually a peer; his son Lord Arundel and his hypothetical grandson Lord Maltravers remain commoners.”

Then I vote for Duke’s daughter’s name to be “Earlene of Dork”

I am still uncertain how Jocelyn made the leap from the Duke-of-the-Earl-of-the-Lord-of-the-son-of-the-peer-of-the-grandson to Earlene of Dork, but the fact that she did made me laugh. So, Earlene of Dork it is! And if you need a chuckle, stop by and visit Jocelyn.

Eggs are hatching, and more hens are going broody. There are five new peeps in the coop right now and two more broodies. My neighbor gave me 12 eggs from his chickens to put under my broodies. I set them Wednesday night. Maybe you can imagine my utter SHOCK when I checked broodies Saturday and found a baby chick peeping in one of the nests! THREE DAYS after I put the eggs in there. Unfortunately, the chick was very weak, and didn’t make it through the night.

I had a chat with the neighbor and he was quite pleased that he managed to surprise me so much. As it turns out, he took the eggs from under one of his broodies to give me. And he has no idea if the eggs are all the same age. Apparently they are NOT. None of the others has even pipped yet. *sigh* I explained to him that there are 11 eggs left now and if others begin hatching the mama hens are only going to set on the remaining eggs for a day or two longer. They will abandon unhatched eggs after a couple of days of the first hatches because they need to get the babies out to eat and drink and learn how to be chickens. Of the remaining 11, I have no clue how many more, if any, will hatch. If they do stagger in hatch dates, I have a couple of broodies I can hopefully stick the unhatched eggs under.

Thanks for all the kind words of concern for Duke and his bumblefoot. Unfortunately, his foot does not seem to be healing. I continue to dress it each day, and on Sunday I began Pen-G antibiotic injections. Bernie is at the feed store as I type this – looking for terramycin powder for me. I’ve read that some have had success mixing it with an antibiotic ointment and packing the foot with it. I hate to put Duke through yet another cutting, but I’m not comfortable that I’ve gotten all I need to get out of that foot. We’ll try it one more time and pack it with terramycin powder. He takes his injections and foot dressings like a real trooper, although I can tell he is beginning to tire of the daily regiment I put him through. I am tiring of it as well. But we’ve got to get past this infection and I am hopeful the Pen-G and terramycin powder will kick in and do that.

As you can see, it’s been a chicken fried week here on the homestead. You know how anal I am with these chickens. You can imagine just what a tail spin the neighbors’ eggs and Duke’s foot have put me in. But it honestly pleases me that my most stressful days now concern chickens, rather than a two hour commute and action packed day at the office.

And I like chicken fried stuff.

Bee Free,


12 Responses to “Chicken Fried Week”

  1. Julie says:

    Poor You, Duke and Bernie! I hope things get better, I’m sure you do too.
    Grey seems to be doing better on his leg, I noticed yesterday he’s putting his foot down a little more now but still no pressure on it. I can’t take his “cast” off for another couple of weeks…hopefully it’s healing.
    Fried chicken does sound good doesn’t it???:O)
    I have two cornish chickens, one roo and I think a hen they are sooo heavy and I feel so bad for them in this heat. Fall will be here soon though and our freezer will be full of roos :O(
    Love ya!

  2. lisa says:

    Hey there Penny,

    I am certainly praying for Duke’s foot gets better soon. with your diligence I am sure he will get better. Do you leave the babies and the momma hen in with the rest of the coop and other chickens? Your week sounds just like mine. Sure hope this one is better for you though. I will definitely hold you and Duke in my prayers and thoughts. He has spunk and so do you. LOL….

    Hugs to you and to Duke!!!

  3. Lilla says:

    Earlene of Dork is one groovy name for a chicken! Now, if you can get her to come to her name when called, you’ll have a talented chicken on your hands!

    Sorry to hear about Duke’s foot not healing. Is there a farm vet anywhere near you who knows chickens? Maybe it’s time for some professional intervention…not that you’re not one helluva a chicken doctor!

  4. basicliving says:

    Julie – Poor Gray. I really hope that leg heals. It sounds like you made him a good cast though. I bet your chickens get hot in that Georgia heat! We’ve had a couple of hot and humid days here this week, and it makes me sad to see the chickens standing in the shade panting. I’ve been giving them fruit and yogurt that I freeze first. I’m not sure it really helps, but it makes me feel better! And I think we’re planning to process our roos the end of this month. I’d like to let them get bigger, but I can’t take their roughness with the hens much longer!

    Lisa – thank you for pulling for Duke! I’ve enjoyed emailing you about chickens. And I do leave the chicks and mamas in the coop – but I put them in brooder pens I built in there for about 2 weeks. My mamas fight too much and try to steal each others chicks for the first 2 weeks. After about 2 weeks I can let them out and they do much better.

    Lilla – I like Earlene of Dork, too. Alas, none of my chickens come to me on demand – no matter WHAT I call them! They only come to me if they think I have a treat. Which means anytime I open the front door I see a flock of chickens running as hard as they can to me – and they leave as soon as they figure out there are no treats.

    I called all around looking for a vet before I even attempted the surgery. None around here will even look at a chicken – and they won’t prescribe for any animal they don’t look at first. So I’m afraid Duke is stuck with me as his Primary Care Physician – and the local feed store as his pharmacy. We need Chicken Health Care Reform in this country, dammit!

  5. Jocelyn says:

    SWEET!!! I named a chicken!! I named a chicken!!

    I’m no farmer or chicken doctor by any means, but are you letting Duke watch any John Wayne movies during his recovery? Would that help Duke overcome any feelings he’s had having to wear all kinds of manly (and sometimes not so manly) bandages?

    Girl you are SO BRAVE taking good care of him!!

  6. basicliving says:

    Jocelyn – John Wayne movies! Dang – why didn’t I think of that? Between naming my chickens and getting John Wayne movies played for Duke, you’re getting pretty darn popular with my flock! Duke wants to know if you’ll come over and sit in the coop with him to watch True Grit Friday night?

  7. Jocelyn says:

    Sorry to bust Duke’s bubble but unfortunately, John Wayne (and most westerns) are my kryptonite. I do however, fully support those who do watch (and then I skulk away to watch the tiny TV in my room). I will make him lots of popcorn though!!

    I am currently stalking the Wal-Mart parking lot for one of those antenna smiley face things with a cowboy hat on it. Duke would look SMASHING in a cowboy hat!!

  8. basicliving says:

    Jocelyn – I told Duke what you said. He cried. Then he asked “How about Green Berets?” But even if you can’t do war movies any better than westerners, I think you sealed the relationship by saying he’d look smashing in a cowboy hat. He really strutted around when I told him that.

  9. Katey says:

    Are you using peroxide during dressing change? Apparently oxygen plays a role in this infection. You might try adding a good soak or flush with it in addition to what you are doing, which is all the right things.

  10. Arundel is just a little up the road, sort of, from us 🙂 the castle there is glorious……


  11. basicliving says:

    Hey Marmy – maybe I should send Earlene of Dork over to visit her namesake!

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