Brooder Boat Rescue

See this boat?

 photo brooderboat.jpg

See this hen?

 photo broody.jpg

This hen didn’t show up at curfew last night. She knows better than that.

I did my head count before tucking everyone in for the night and came up one short.

Little hussie.

I should have thought to check that boat. We’ve had a hen hatch out a clutch in that boat before. Bernie calls it the Brooder Boat.

But today I check the boat. And found her setting on 16 eggs.

So tonight Bernie and I went out on a Brooder Boat rescue.

I grabbed the hen, and he grabbed 4 eggs.

And we relocated her to the safety of a nest box in the coop.

 photo broody2-1.jpg

She was less than appreciative.

But she’s safe.


2 Responses to “Brooder Boat Rescue”

  1. CottonLady says:

    Well my goodness, what was that little hen thinking?!! She just doesn’t know the meaning of having those eggs in a safe spot, does she?. Glad you were able to find her and move her and the eggs before some wild animal found her. Loved the pictures!


  2. Lisa says:

    She’s been a busy lil hussie!

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