Beauty in Homesteading

We’ve learned over the past year that homesteading can be a lot of hard work. Even though it’s very rewarding work, it can be physically demanding – and it seems that it never ends. There’s always a list a mile long that needs to be accomplished. Just when summer is coming to an end, it’s time to gear up for colder weather. Clean the chimneys, cut, split, and stack firewood, winterize the chicken coop, prepare the garden for winter…. and the list goes on and on.

This morning is a crisp, chilly morning. We started it at 5:30AM. I grabbed a cup of coffee and Bernie got a fire going in the fireplace. I am not a fan of cold weather, but fall brings a beauty all of its own and I enjoy sitting in front of a nice, warm fire.

Just as dawn had broken, we noticed a young buck in the backyard. We see doe in our yard daily, as many as 10 or 11 at a time, but we rarely see a buck. I managed to snap a picture of him through a window:


He’s a handsome young buck, isn’t he? We’ve seen another coming around recently. He’s very easy to identify because one of his antlers is either deformed or broken. He hasn’t gotten close enough for us to really determine. This is a new buck that wandered up this morning. I’m pretty sure we’ve not seen him before. I wonder if these bucks will come back to visit so we can watch as they grow into strong and powerful bucks?

We left the “city life” just over a year ago – and we’ve never looked back. We work around our homestead daily and we live with purpose now, more than ever before. Yes, it can be hard work. But there is a beauty in homesteading that can’t be experienced outside of living it. That beauty is in what we see, what we experience, and how we live.

I’m not sure if homesteading is a part of us, or we are a part of it. I simply know the beauty of it is all encompassing and leaves me with a sense of peace and well being. In “these times”, that alone would make our journey into homesteading worth it.

Bee Free,


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