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Sarah’s Surprise

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Sarah, one of our turkey hens, has been broody for a while. About four weeks ago ago I decided to let her set on an egg. Her sister, Tanya, sneaked another egg under Sarah that I didn’t find until a couple of days later, so I marked both eggs and let Sarah set on them.

When I opened the turkey coop this morning, all three turkeys ran immediately outside. And I could hear a very distinct chirping in Sarah’s nest. It was dark in there, but I could see two eggs. And I knew I was hearing chirping. So I ran inside, grabbed my camera, and aimed in the general direction of the eggs. And when I uploaded the picture to my computer a few minutes later, this is what I saw:


One of the eggs had pipped! I ran back to the turkey coop and Sarah was getting back on her nest. The egg was rocking around and making a lot of noise. Sarah looked a little confused by the whole thing.


But she settled in on top of her eggs, and I closed the coop to give her some privacy.


A short time later I checked on her and look what I found.


Isn’t she precious? Sarah seems to adore her.


I hope the other egg hatches. I’ve heard such horror stories about how fragile turkey poults are. I’m really praying these will make it, and that Sarah will be a good mama. My plan is to let her care for them and hope for the best.

Under my strict supervision, of course 🙂

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign…….

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Our buddy, Dan, makes signs. Not those flimsy, metal signs that rust and look bad in no time at all.

Dan makes NICE signs. Out of sheet metal. Signs that will be around a good long while and look good the entire time.

And Dan knows how I feel about my chickens. So he made a few signs for me. And I LOVE them. A lot.

So I’m gonna share them with you…….


That’s the sign you’ll see when you get to the end of our driveway. How cool is that?


And that’s the “Warning – Attack Rooster” sign you’ll see when the gate is closed. It refers to Duke – who happens to be to the right of that sign in that picture.


And that’s the sign on the coop door that I hope my hens will read each day and understand what the heck they are supposed to be doing inside that coop.

I love my signs.

I love Dan.

You’ll love him, too. Check out his website. If you need/want a custom sign of the highest quality, Dan is your man.

Did I mention how much I love my signs?????

Things I Never Saw Living in Town

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

A few weeks ago Dolly and I met up with our walking buddies, Mary Ann and Daisy, and took off for our daily walk.

About halfway through it I said “Oh, look. There’s a pig in the road.”

Mary Ann looked at me and said “What are you talking about?”

I said “Isn’t that a pig in the road?”

And about then, the pig heard us. It seemed to get very excited to hear human voices and started galloping towards us.

We had two VERY excited dogs, so we decided to run.

Away from it.

As fast as we could.

And it chased us. A good long way.

We were running, and panting, and discussing going over a fence to escape it when we came to a bend in the road and decided to try to out run it.

And out run it we did.

And naturally, I did not have my camera.

A couple of weeks later we were walking that same stretch of road when a pickup truck, towing a large cattle trailer came towards us. It stopped and the man inside asked if we had seen a heifer.

“No heifer” we replied. “But you wouldn’t happen to be missing a pig, would you?”

“Nope. Just a heifer. She got away a while ago and I’m looking for her.” He pointed to the pasture behind us, and we looked that way.

“There she is!” I excited exclaimed. She looked like an ant, she was so far away.

“I see her!” Mary Ann affirmed.

“Yep. That’s her. Reckon whose pasture that is?” He asked.

He and Mary Ann discussed it a while, and I didn’t chime in, as I had no clue.

He drove off and rescued her.

Or at least we thought he had.

Every day for the past several days, we’ve seen this on our walk.


She’s usually laying down when we come up on her. But when she hears our voices she stands up to greet us.


I think she wants to go home with Mary Ann and Daisy. Mary Ann thinks she want to go home with me and Dolly.


She’s really a cutie. I wish we had gotten the owner’s name and number. I worry that she’s all alone. Daisy and Dolly would sure like to keep her company.

I’m pretty sure I never saw these things when we lived in town.

I wouldn’t trade living here for the world.