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My husband and I have been together for over 20 years. For many of those years we have lived in a rural area and driven 75 miles to work in a major city. The money is good and we've always enjoyed the weekends in our sleepy little town. But after doing this for so many years, we have begun to question our quality of life. Sure, we are making a decent living and can afford to live comfortably, but we are rarely home. We spend 3 to 4 hours of every day fighting traffic in a crazy commute to and from jobs we really hate. This lifestyle has begun to threaten our health, and we know we have to make some changes.

We bought 65 acres a few years ago, and have decided to sell our home, quit our jobs, and get back to basic living on our homestead. It is a huge, scary change for us. But we know a simpler lifestyle is in order, and we knew it is worth taking the plunge to begin enjoying our life once again.

As I write this, we are working on this transition. Our home is on the market, and we have begun gathering items we feel will be needed for us to become more self sufficient. We look forward to using skills and knowledge almost lost over the past years. We yearn to work with our hands and see the results at the end of the day.

We decided to build this website in the hopes of attracting others who live self sufficiently, are working towards living self sufficiently, or simply enjoy doing thing the “old fashioned way” for the health and/or joy of it! It is our hope that you can learn through our experiences, and that you will share your experiences with us.

We had intended to hold off going "live" with this site until after we had begun our homesteading. But after much research we realize there are many who, just like us, want to simplify their lives but struggle with taking the steps to get there. It can be a very intimidating journey for some and many do not know where or how to begin. As a result, we've decided to launch this website and document progress. At this writing, we are in the infancy steps of our journey. I will update it as we go and maybe some of you can learn from our experiences. We hope that some of you who have been homesteading for a while will offer your guidance as we go.

In this fast paced, crazy world, we believe there is a small movement forming – a movement to get back to basic living. This website is intended to document our progress, and offer a place to exchange thoughts and ideas. We look forward to learning from your experiences and sharing ours. In the meantime, read about our journey on this website - and keep up with our day to day lives on our blog..

UPDATE for 2008: If you have been following our blog, you know that moved to our homestead August 31, 2007. As of this writing, we still have not sold our home in town. As much as we had hoped to make this move debt free, circumstances provided the opportunity to move to our homestead earlier than planned, and we jumped on it. As scary as that proposition seemed at the time, it is the best decision we have ever made. We are happy, healthy, and peaceful on our homestead. And our work here has only just begun! Please come back often as we continue to document our day to day struggles and joys on our homestead.


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